A Literal Oven

Think about the last time you put a pizza in the oven. If you’ve never put a pizza in your own oven, you should just stop reading this blog because I’m pretty sure we’re never going to be friends.

But let’s get back to the pizza.

If you’ve ever cooked a pizza in an oven, you know the eye brow searing heat that hits your face as soon as you open¬† that door. Now imagine there’s a fan in the back of your oven blowing that 400 degree heat in your face, burning your eyeballs and that that’s a perfect explanation of what the heat feels like out in here in the SoCal desert.

We’ve been here for 3 weeks living it up with the other retirees of the Coachella Valley, and I can honestly say I don’t know that I’ve ever felt such an intense heat before. The average temperatures during the day range between 100-115 farenheit (37.8-46 degrees celsius for my international fam) and you can feel yourself cooking if you’re out and about without a car.

Did I mention that we have no car here? Probably a rookie nomad mistake, but hey, we’re doing this trip on the cheap.

Despite the heat (but it’s a dry heat! Until it’s not. Surprise!) I do have to say that the landscape is gorgeous. Mountains surround the area, so there’s a fantastic backdrop around you no matter where¬† you look. And with being in the desert, there’s not a ton of rain, which leaves an opportunity for some interesting architecture as well. If you’re an explorer on foot like me, it’s hard to really appreciate those things unless it’s early early (before 8am) or once the big fireball in the sky starts setting behind the mountains (around 7pm).

So that leaves a lot of time indoors, and one of the things I’ve really fallen in love with is this recipe for a vegan spinach artichoke dip. I definitely can’t take credit for making so fucking tasty, but I wholeheartedly endorse it for any event you’re hosting in the upcoming colder months.

And yes, it requires you to operate an oven.


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