Packing Your Bags In Minutes

One of the best things I have found for a life of 100% travel are Eagle Creek’s Pack it Specter packing cubes. These cubes are like the drawers for a dresser, except they are expandable and configurable to your liking. They help me stay organized and quickly identify where all my belongings are (not that I have much in my bags) and allow me to pack up quickly when we need to get out before check out time at our hotels and Airbnb stays.

The smallest bag (half cube) is perfect for socks, underwear, and other small items. The medium sized back (full cube) is perfect for everything from sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, and light jackets. Everything pack into the full cube is rolled up to optimize space. I use the medium sized garment folder for button down collared shirts, trousers, and sportscoats.

One thing to note is that this system does not prevent wrinkles, especially the cubes. The garment folder does a decent job, but the primary purpose of this system is to compress your belongings while keeping them organized at the same time. It is also worth mentioning that I’m glad I went with this set rather than anything larger. The smaller cubes and medium size garment folder fit into a large suitcase well. However the medium sized garment folder doesn’t have the best fit in a smaller suitcase, which reduces the flexibility of that piece. I initially thought I would want larger Eagle Creek Pack It cubes and I’m glad I didn’t get anything bigger than what I already have.

I’ll grant that the price may seem a little bit steep, but the construction and materials are excellent and the system adds almost nothing in terms of weight to my luggage. They’re also great to move into smaller bags like duffels or backpacks.

If you’re any what of a regular traveler, these are an absolute must have for your adventures.


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