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When you’re traveling all the time, it’s not always easy finding a gym near you that you can drop in. When I’m staying at an airbnb without a gym nearby, I turn to bodyweight exercises like pushups, situps, and squats. Having only two suitcases limits the types of equipment I can bring with me so it has to meet a few criteria points.

  1. Lightweight – Traveling with anything that weighs you down means that much more you have to struggle with it when moving from one place to the next. It also ratchets me up closer to the 50 lb weight maximum for luggage on air travel.
  2. Compact – Any fitness equipment I travel with can’t take up a lot of room when space is a premium in two suitcases.
  3. Multi-Purpose – The equipment has to be able to offer me a range of exercises to work on different parts of my body or vary up the bodyweight exercises I already work into my routine.

My best recommendation on meeting the needs of just about any digital nomad is a set of resistance bands. They can be used to make pushups and squats harder as much as they can introduce other activities like shoulder presses, thrusters, good mornings, y-pulls, and more. I personally recommend the bodylastics 14 piece stackable set as the one set of bands you need to bring. It contains 6 bands with different levels of resistance that can be combined to increase the overall resistance for your exercises. It also contains a set of handles that can be used to incorporate into your exercises, making clean and jerks, thrusters, or simple shoulder presses more comfortable. You can also select between a 12, 19, and 28 piece set, each with a different overall resistance weight when you combine the bands.

Display of all the 14 bodylastics resistance band equipment set

Granted the bodylastics set weighs just over 3 lbs, which might be too much for your bag if you’re already close to hitting your 50 lb luggage weight maximum. If you’re looking for something lighter then I’d pick up an a la carte selection of Serious Steel rubber resistance bands. Each band is around 1/5 to 1 pound and you can pick the types of resistance that suits your needs. If you went with all 6 of the Serious Steel bands, the weight starts approaching the 3 lbs of the bodylastics set with handles. The Serious Steel set would forgo the handles but have a significantly higher overall total resistance instead

photo of six serious steel resistsance bands stacked on top of each other



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