Starting A New Journey

Have you ever seen that cartoons where a character takes an entire world around him and keeps folding it until it’s small enough to disappear? My memory isn’t the greatest about whether he folds it into a suitcase or if the world just disappears, but I feel like that’s exactly what happened to me last year

In 2017, I left my corporate consulting gig in Washington DC. I had been in the temp/contractor/consulting space for about 18 years, and while I was proud of what I had accomplished and built, ultimately I realized it wasn’t where my heart or head needed to be. So in just a few months I left my job as a design lead at a IT consultancy, sold off my condo, most of everything that I owned, and packed what was left into about 3 bags to live on the road as a digital nomad.

I should say that I am incredibly grateful that I have an amazing wife who helped me through a serious pivot in my life, and that what I did in a very short period of time (4 months) was in no small part due to her. I figured that while we’re on this journey together that I should keep track of all the things that we do, see, or find worth sharing in one place. So welcome to “that place” – Wellness Works Better.


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