Massage Tables for an Aromatouch Technique Session

One of the types of classes I teach is the Aromatouch Technique. The class teaches an individual the clinical application of eight essential oils as a therapeutic treatment. Just about anyone can learn this technique and provide it to their family, friends, and/or loved ones as a powerful and uplifting experience.

It’s easiest to provide the Aromatouch Technique on a massage table, and I frequently get asked on what kind of massage table I recommend. These days the cost of a good massage table has drastically decreased to a pretty affordable range to under $200 for a sturdy, reliable table. The table I recommend the most frequently is the Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Table¬†from Amazon, especially if you have Amazon Prime and can get the free 2 day shipping. C’mon, don’t tell me you don’t love free 2 day shipping on anything!

The table comes with a removable head rest, arm rest, legs with an adjustable height, and a great little bag to carry the table. I’ve used this table for the last two years and it’s kept up remarkably well.

Photo of the Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table with its Carrying Case

Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table with Carrying Case

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